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Scale and Polish from the Dental Hygienist

Scale Polish Dental Hygienist

Dental cleanings are ideally done every 6 months by a dental hygienist. During this appointment, the hygienist will bring in the dentist to check out your teeth and discuss any problems that they may discover at the appointment. From there, they will come up with a treatment plan that will ensure that you get a better chance for optimal dental care. Here is a closer look at the scale and polish that you will likely get during your cleaning.

The scale and cleaning is a process that will quickly clean your teeth. This is typically done through using a tool called an Ultrasonic. The Ultrasonic uses small vibrations as a way to loosen up the larger blocks of tartar. During this time, it will also spray mists of water to wash away any debris and ensure that the temperature of the area stays at the right place. The ends of this tool is curved or rounded, lacking any sharp points. If you notice any discomfort, you this vibration can be altered so that you are more comfortable. When you have your first cleaning after a longer time, this process will take a lot longer. This tool is used to clean around the gum line on both the front and the back of your teeth. Scale and polish treatments only take a few minutes to complete and they will remove all of the plaque and tartar that may have formed on your teeth.

Once that part has been completed, the hygienist will then switch to a hand tool by the name of scalers to remove any smaller clusters of deposits and smooth the surfaces of your teeth. There is a fair amount of scraping that is done with this tool that actually sounds worse than it feels. After this is completed, your teeth will get a nice polish to make your teeth nice and shiny. The polish is applied using a motorized head comprised of a soft, rubber cup. A paste known as prophylaxis, which is a grittier toothpaste type of product, is cleaned up using this tool to remove a lot of the surface stains. This entire process makes your teeth look and feel shiny.

Cleaning are a relatively painless process though if you do not take great care of your teeth or go a long time between cleanings, they may be more uncomfortable than what is normal. It can also cause bleeding and a small amount of pain, both of which are also caused as a result of not regularly keeping up with your teeth. If you get a regular cleaning, you will ensure healthier teeth. Your dental care is essential to how healthy you are, so be sure that you never miss your regular appointments. They can keep your teeth stunningly clean. Best of all, if you have dental insurance it will typically cover the cleanings completely so you do not have to pay a penny for these regular checkups. Be sure to get your cleaning every 6 months.

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