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General & Family Dentistry in Cambridge

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Our dental office is devoted to general and family dentistry.As your primary dental care provider, we are responsible for the general diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and management of a widerange of dental conditions, disorders, and diseases that affect theteeth, gums, jaw, and face. We provide the coordination of servicesrelated to the oral health needs for patients of all ages soeveryone in your entire family can visit our practice.

General dentistry includes:

With a highly educated, well-trained team, we will develop thebest course of treatment for your complete dental needs. Give us acall to schedule an appointment today!

Finding the Perfect Dentist
Selectingthe right person to care for your family’s dental health takescareful consideration. A good dentist combines clinical expertise with warmth and a genuine concern for patients. Points toconsider:

  • Are your goals, concerns, and ultimate satisfaction seen asimportant?
  • Can you count on the dentist to focus on keeping your teethhealth and strong?
  • Did the doctor obtain his degree from a well-respectedschool?
  • Does the dentist explain things in detail and include you aspart of the team?
  • Has the dentist been in practice enough time for you to feelcomfortable about your treatment?
  • Have you heard positive feedback about this doctor andpractice?

Questions about General Dentistry

Why do I need to visit every six months if I don’t haveany problems?
Preventive care is less expensive thanrepairing damage. Certain problems, like gum disease and earlysigns of decay, offer few warning signs. Regular visits allow us tomonitor your oral health and catch any issues before they becomebig trouble.

How is a filling different from a crown?
Made from composite resin, tooth-colored fillings replace decaythat only impacts a portion of the tooth. With severe damage, yourwill likely need a dental crown, which fits securely over theremaining tooth structure and completely covers the tooth.

When should my child first visit thedentist?
Although the American Dental Associationrecommends starting visits when children get teeth, usually at ageone, we often find that kids do best around three years old. Atthis time, the doctor can take a look to make sure everything is ontarget, and we can start to create positive feelings for your childso that he or she will look forward to visiting the dentist.

I have metal fillings. Should I replacethem?
At one time, amalgam fillings were thestandard for restoring teeth. Now, most dentists prefer compositefillings. These fillings match your natural tooth color, won’t leakover time, and don’t contain any metal. If your old fillings aren’tcausing you problems, you can choose to leave them in place, but ifyou want more aesthetic restorations, talk with your doctor aboutcomposite fillings as a replacement option.


General Dentistry

White Fillings
Dental Crowns and Bridges
Dental Implant Restorations
Dental Bonding
Intraoral Camera
Digital Imaging
Tooth Extractions
Complete and Partial Dentures
New Patient Exam