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New Patient Exam

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New Patient Exam

Dental Exam

A clinical examination is actually known as a new scheduled examination.  This kind of examination allows your dental professional basically acquire inventory with the all around health of your mouth area as well as the teeth in addition to identify any kind of possible difficulties you could have.

(1) The first thing your dental professional may examine in the examination can be your face as well as neck/throat.  Checking visually, your dental professional will check for any abnormalities, for instance bumps, lumps, or even inflammation.

(2) Examining within your oral cavity would be next. Within this portion of your examination your dental professional will probably be searching for any kind of abnormalities inside the soft tissues, including discolorations’ or perhaps ulcers on the lips, gums, tongue, palate as well as cheeks.  Your dental professional may also conduct a good mouth cancer screening process and definitely will examine your current bite along with jaw joint for virtually any complications.

(3) Then your dental professional may examine your gums as well as jawbone, since they are actually the foundation for your teeth. Your dental professional will certainly examine all of them for virtually any indicators involving gingivitis, periodontal disease as well as bone disease.

(4) Examining your teeth happens next. The dental professional will probably be examining these with regard to cavities along with other issues.  Lastly, your dental professional will certainly make sure to look exclusively at almost any places in which you might have signs and symptoms or even issues.


Generally the medical examination on its own just isn’t adequate to totally identify just about all possible issues within your mouth area.  Actually nearly all issues with your teeth and also the jawbone aren’t seen to the naked eye.  For this reason x-rays play a vital purpose in permitting a much better and much more precise examination what exactly is actually taking place within your oral cavity as well as underneath your teeth and gums.  Through the use of x-rays your dental professional can easily check out any kind of bone reduction as well as establish the actual seriousness of the periodontal condition.

Along with uncovering virtually any issues that weren’t obvious through the medial examination these preliminary x-rays may also present your dental professional using a benchmark which in turn to help compare against during upcoming appointments.