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Sedation Dentistry Cambridge – Cedar Dental Centre

Sedation Dentistry Cambridge

Sedation Dentistry

Many of us have felt the waves of nerves as our dental appointment approaches. You may have had a bad experience in the past with a dental visit that still makes you nervous to the point that the dental anxiety can be enough to avoid the dentist’s office for years.
At Cedar Dental Centre, we make our office a warm and inviting place for you. Our teams of dental professionals are always up to date on the latest dental technologies and procedures to ensure that you receive the most comfortable enjoyable experience. We also offer sedation dentistry so you can relax at the dentist, during your procedure.
Sedation Dental may include things like:
Oral medications – This method works extremely well for a number of patients’. These sedatives will be prescribed by doctors to get a sufferer to take the dose the night prior to the dental treatment and or perhaps half an hour up to an hour before the visit.
Intravenous Sedation – This particular form of sedation enables the patient to go into a sleep like condition through the procedure. Along the same lines, there are a number of offices that offer the “Wand” for affected individuals. The “Wand” is a device that makes the entire process of needles less frightening. This is perfect for patients of all ages, especially those whom are afraid of needles. With the use of the wand, it reduces a patient’s anxiety level, and it also has the ability to freeze a single area, limiting the numbness in areas of the face and mouth which is not necessary. Patients state that it’s the best freezing experience they’ve ever had.
Nitrous Oxide – Also known as “laughing gas”, is given to the patient in the office, which is inhaled through a mask, and it helps to relax and calm the patient in preparation for their treatment.
With the use of sedation, patients feel less anxious and relaxed while in the dental chair, making their experience a comfortable and positive one, which helps the patient return for future appointments, all the while keeping their smile healthy and beautiful. Give us a call at Cedar Dental Centre today, and let’s work together in making sure you have best oral health forever.

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