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Wisdom Teeth Dilema

Why Remove your Wisdom Teeth?

It is completely normal to worry about having your wisdom teeth removed. However, here at Cedar Dental Centre in Cambridge we will work with you to help you decide what is right for your specific situation.

Now the cons to having your Wisdom teeth removed are that the patient is anxious about the procedure and you will need to take it easy for a few days post op, or perhaps it is the cost associated with the procedure if you do not have dental insurance coverage, we here at Cedar Dental Centre will work with you to make sure it is affordable within your budget.

However, the Benefits to having the wisdom teeth removed will deter the possibility of future dental health issues like these listed below.

Overcrowding –Movement of the other teeth due to lack of space in the jaw.

Improper Oral Hygiene – being able to brush and floss all around the teeth in order to keep the area clean of bacteria causing plaque.

Second Molar Health – with the restrictive area, the chances of the second molar becoming unhealthy is a real possibility.

Gum Disease – again the overcrowding restricts the proper oral hygiene required and can easily cause gum disease, especially as we age.

Interference – Wisdom Teeth with the Mandibular Nerve.

Angle – If the wisdom teeth come in on an angle making it difficult again for oral hygiene and movement of the other teeth, causing overcrowding and possibility of many issues in the future.

Our goal at Cedar Dental Centre is to determine when and if the patient will experience the above listed complications and prepare in advance treatment options to aid in deterring them. Many studies suggest that the older a person is the higher risk of developing a periodontal issue with the second molar when the wisdom teeth are present, as well as the incidence of cavities on the wisdom teeth themselves.

The Risks of post op complications as well as recovery time increase as we age, especially in persons aged 25 and older. So the sooner you deal with this decision, the better it is for you.

If you have questions about your mouth health and or the situation in regards to your wisdom teeth , or if you are experiencing discomfort, please schedule an appoint to hear how we here at Cedar Dental Centre can make sure your smile stays straight, disease and pain free.

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