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Do Wisdom teeth always need to be removed

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth usually known as the third molars situated in the back of your mouth do not have enough room to grow properly and can cause various issues. Erupting wisdom teeth can grow at different angles in the jaw and sometimes, even horizontally. The wisdom teeth partially emerge through the gums and sometimes they remain completely hidden. Those wisdom teeth which are not able to emerge normally will get trapped or impacted within the jaw.

A passageway is created if in case the wisdom teeth emerge partially through the gums and will gradually cause problems. This place will not be seen and cleaned easily which leads to the growth of bacteria and causes oral infection and gum disease.

The dentists will recommend removing the wisdom teeth if they grow near the nerve of the lower jaw or if they don’t emerge completely. Most of the dentists recommend removing the third molars before the roots are fully emerged especially when the patient is young and more likely to recover faster from a surgery. So this is the reason why many youngsters have their wisdom teeth pulled off before it is grown completely.

Sometimes you might experience pain and wisdom teeth may not be the source of pain which doesn’t mean there is anything wrong. The teeth could be impacted or stuck which means they cannot break your jaw. Another possibility is that your mouth is too small to make room for the third molars or the teeth must be growing at a particular angle to the other teeth. This can sometimes damage the tooth next door if they push them up against it.

The bones in your mouth could possibly get harder as you age and this makes your teeth very difficult to remove. Hence some dentists will take out the healthy molars to prevent issues in the future. if you choose to wait, the case can be severe and the problems after the surgery will not be small. This can range from fractured teeth and heavy bleeding to severe numbness and loss of movement in the jaw. There is a possibility for this issue to last a few days or maybe a lifetime.

The wisdom teeth should be removed when they start causing problems which can be detected with the use of X-ray. Other reasons to remove the third molars include the following.
• Jaw damage- Cysts are more likely to form around the new teeth. If they are not treated, they will hollow out the jaw and damage all the surrounding nerves.
• Damage to other teeth- The extra set of molars present on the corner will push the other teeth around and cause bite problems and mouth pain.
• Sinus problems- Issues with the wisdom teeth can lead to sinus pressure, pain and congestion.
• Cavities- Swollen gums will create pockets between the teeth and help in the growth of bacteria and thus leads to the formation of cavities.
• Inflamed gums- Tissue surrounding the area can swell and will be difficult to clean.

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