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5 Reasons to opt for Dental Veneers

5 Reasons Veneers are chosen

1. In order to protect and strengthen your teeth.
Teeth that contain many fillings or maybe root canals can become weak and ever more susceptible to breakage. The moment veneers become applied they will reinforce and strengthen such teeth. Veneers are generally considered the most widely utilised procedure in addition to a great way to give you that youthful beautiful smile you deserve.
2. To manage spaced, as well as crooked teeth.
Many individuals do not have the opportunity to get braces, so veneers can be the best option in order to close gaps and improve teeth. Veneers have the added benefit of time – braces generally take from a few months to 2 years. But with veneers they can be done with merely a few of visits.
3. To repair damaged decayed or broken teeth.
These issues are typically unattractive and may even make teeth seem older they they usually are. In many cases teeth which are damaged are much more vulnerable to decay and tenderness.
4. To improve discoloured teeth.
Whitening your pearly whites will enhanced your smile and improve your overall appearance. Discolouration can happen due to root canals, injuries or unidentified reasons, and unfortunately sometimes they become too dark and whitening may not be an option, so in this instance a veneer may be the only way to attain a positive change.
5. To realign abnormal, misshapen or uneven teeth.
Apart from a couple of chips, cracks and or decay, there is next to nothing which can be done to correct abnormal, misshapen or unattractive teeth with the exception of covering them up applying veneers. Occasionally as little as one veneer applied over a abnormal tooth could make any smile gorgeous. Furthermore the actual veneer is minimally intrusive and you’ll keep virtually all of your healthy teeth underneath.
You deserve that beautiful vibrant smile and we here at Cedar Dental Centre are here to provide you with just that. Give us a call today so we can make your smile brighter, you will be glad you did.

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