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Are you worried or in fear of having your teeth cleaned, You’re not alone. Luckily Grand River Dental Centre offers Sedation and Sleep Dentistry.

Sedation is used for simple to invasive surgery’s. This option is used if the patient. We offer different levels of sedation.

*The first option would be a minimal sedation, used while you are awake but relaxed.

*The second option would be classified as a moderate sedation which formally was named conscious sedation. You may have slurred words when speaking and not remember the procedure.

*The third procedure is deep sedation, the patient is on the edge of consciousness but can be still awaken.

*The last and 4 option is General anesthesia, this is when the patient is completely unconscious and will not remember a thing about the procedure. If you think you may need this procedure then feel free to contact us today. We look forward to your call.