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Sedation dentistry What to expect

Inhalation is considered to be most adaptive type of sedation. There is no need of medication at patients end before the meeting with dentist.

Inhalation dentistry allows us to deal with unexpected stress or agitation assault. In situations where your routine health check becomes complex or irritating, dentist can easily deal with this situation by giving nitrous oxide in order to calm down and divert attention. Usually dentist give tablet a day before and meet you the other day and if feasible gives a dose of I.V. sedation provided a friend is there to drive you home. This requires you to come back some other day or go through a shot administered prior to sedation

Fortunately a way is there to calm you down without waiting for result of oral pills or letting you feel sleepy for whole day. At any point in time, Inhalation sedation can be administered with effects of it being very little.

As the dentist would administer inhalation sedation at his very office, so you will be able to drive to dentist’s office yourself. Oxygen and nitrous oxide (Laughing Gas) would be flown by a mask or nasal cannula placed on your nose. In case you feel discomfort or pain during the process, dentist can alter the mixture to immediately change your level of sedation. Gas helps in releasing tension and makes you feel relaxed. A blanket can be placed over you by dentist in order to keep you warm. A pillow can also be provided for your comfort level. Other methods of relaxation may include television, music and white noise machines. Once the procedure is over, dentist removes mask and turns off the gas. Inhalation sedation usually has short effects and hence you can be alert and awake in a very short time and drive yourself home also.

Keep in mind that inhalation sedation is very simple, trouble free and an unprepared method of relieving fear and maximizing comfort. So make sure to ask for it next time you visit your dentist

Inhalation Sedation is also called Light Sedation

This process is called inhalation sedation for the reason that patient intakes nitrous oxide via mask or nasal cannula that helps them to relax and distract. This method is beneficial for routine visits and light procedures. It serves best for people with low level of anxiety and for those who are not regular to panic attacks.

Nitrous Oxide is given via a mask while the nose is covered or through a cannula into nostrils. Recently developed masks help the dentists to accurately control flow of gas. It carefully mixes oxygen with nitrous oxide allowing you to remain chatty and conscious while suppressing any sort of pain. Normally it is a mixture of 7 parts of nitrous oxide with 3 parts of oxygen. The dentist can strengthen or weaken the mixture considering the comfort level of patient.

Another great benefit of this inhalation sedation is you can safely drive back home yourself. There is no need to engage a friend for picking you up after appointment as the effect of gas ends shortly and you can drive within few minutes. But make sure to listen to your dentist regarding when to leave. Only they can tell you when to go.

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